Arena Helsinki Swim Meet
1st – 2nd April 2019 Helsinki, Finland

Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center - Venue of European Championships 2000 and 2006, European Junior Championships 2010 and 2018

Welcome to Helsinki!

The Nordic Swim Tour 2019 will start from Helsinki as the first leg of the three meet entity. On 1–2 April 2019 we will see the top swimmers racing for the prize money, in total 25.000 euros.

Eurosport is our continent-wide partner for the entire Nordic Swim Tour. Starting from Helsinki Meet, Eurosport offers live program during the Nordic Swim Tour.

Nordic Swim Tour 2019

Helsinki Swim Meet, Finland  April 1–2    
Bergen Swim Festival, Norway  April 5–7    
Swim Open Stockholm, Sweden  April 12–15