Aquatics Finland proudly invites you to 
Helsinki Swim Meet 8.-9.4.2023

The competition will take place at Mäkelänrinne in Helsinki, 50 m 10 lane pool.

Helsinki Swim Meet offers almost full Olympic program in just two days, and the total prize money in the event is 23 000 euros.

The main priority of the local organizing committee (LOC) is to be able to arrange this two-day international competition for the swimmers in as safe settings as possible, and LOC is fully committed to arrange the Helsinki Swim Meet even if it requires special arrangements.

If you have any questions, please contact


Mäkelänrinne swimming Centre (address; Mäkelänkatu 49, Helsinki), 50 m pool.


The competition will be conducted under FINA rules.

Qualifying times & Qualification period

2021-01-01 to 2023-29-03 in 25m or 50m pool.

Entries with lenex file or Tempus. Lenex should be sent to 
Entries must be made by 2023-03-29


  • Start fee 12 € (per event)
  • Accreditation fee 12 € (per person)
  • Payment infromation will be sent to registered teams before competition.

Training on Friday 7th April 2023

Pool is open for training from 13.00 to 15.00. Access to pool area only with accreditations.

Competition office

Competition office is located in the Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center (ground level) and in the accommodating hotel in Sokos Hotel Tripla (lobby). Opening hours will be updated closer to the event.

Warm up

Competition days; 0700–08.45 and between sessions in the competition pool. 

Competition times 

Heats: A-flight 9.00 B-flight 11.45 A-finals: 18.00, B-finals: 16.15.


Heats consists events of 50, 100, 200 and 400 meters. 10 lanes in use. 800 meters 1 heat in finals with 8 swimmers, slow heats in morning session.


There will be 8 lanes in use for A- & B-Finals

Teamleaders meeting

Teamleaders meeting will take place 7th April at 5pm in Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information: 

Accomodation and meals

Accommodation in Sokos Hotel Tripla.
Final entry for accommodation 7.2.2023

Entry FORM

  • 130 € in Single room
  • 145 € in Double room
  • 170 € in Triple room

Meals will be confirmed by 20.2.2023.


Day 1 Events Day 2 Events 

M 100 m Free

M 100 m Free Para

W 200 m Free

M 50 m Breast

M 50 m Breast Para

W 100 m Breast

W 100 m Breast Para

M 400 m Ind. M.

W 100 m Fly

W 100 m Fly Para

M 100 m Back

M 100 m Back Para

W 50 m Back

W 50 m Back Para

M 200 m Fly

W 200 m Ind. Medley

W 200 m Ind. Medley Para

M 400 m Free

W 50 m Free

W 50 m Free Para

M 200 m Breast

W 200 m Back

M 50 m Fly

M 50 m Fly Para

W 800 m Free

W 100 m Free

W 100 m Free Para

M 200 m Free

W 50 m Breast

W 50 m Breast Para

M 100 m Breast

M 100 m Breast Para

W 400 m Ind. M.

M 100 m Fly

M 100 m Fly Para

W 100 m Back

W 100 m Back Para

M 50 m Back

M 50 m Back Para

W 200 m Fly

M 200 m Ind. Medley

M 200 m Ind. Medley Para

W 400 m Free

M 50 m Free

M 50 m Free Para

W 200 m Breast

M 200 m Back

W 50 m Fly

W 50 m Fly Para

M 800 m Free

Time standards